aSinnerSavedbyGrace :)

Key Zell Sapitan Abunda.Twenteen years old. A Carolinian Alumni. And proud to be single -- True Love Waits <3

Yes I am a sinner saved by grace-- only by God's grace. He is my Heavenly Father and I am His child. I have a permanent relationship with Him because it's a Father-child relationship right? :) Hello to my brothers/sisters in Christ out there! We'll all see each other very soon, 'cause that's what He promised. Oh what a glorious day that would be! :))

I WAS BORN TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, EVERY TIME AND EVERYWHERE. Yes, that even include my dreams and one is to be a Fashion Designer someday. Uh-huh! :)
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If you feel like sharing something to me, go ahead sister/brother in Christ :) I am very much willing and privileged to have such an opportunity :))